Tsunami Skids

If you're looking for a turn-key skid solution for an ATV, UTV or light truck, visit our QTAC website at www.qtacfire.com




Welded PolyTough™ construction
Customized to your spec
NFPA compliant
Light weight
Corrosion resistant

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Whether you’re looking for a firefighting skid tank to perform your own skid system build-up, or a complete system ready for turn-key operation, MTECH can build it for you. All of our skids utilize PolyTough™ construction—methods we’ve developed over the years for designing, preparing and welding copolymer polypropylene systems—and are built for years of trouble-free service.

MTECH's Tsunami line is reserved for custom builds. If you're looking for an affordable, off-the-shelf complete skid, make sure and check out our QTAC line of skids and EMS units.

Unlike our competition, every weld on an MTECH tank is extrusion welded. That means it is up to three times stronger than the hand-welded seams found inside most every other polypropylene tank on the market. This takes more time during fabrication, but we believe the results are worth it: You will never have to replace your MTECH skid tank.

MTECH uses only top-quality components in its full-system build-ups, with pumps and accessories from companies like Waterax, Hale, Davey, Hannay, Scotty Fire Fighter and FoamPro. We can meet your spec with steel, stainless steel or brass valving, and we believe that the fit and finish of the end product should make you proud to put it on your fire service vehicle.

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A 700-gallon custom skid for the Parker Ranch in Hawaii
A 700-gallon custom skid for the Parker Ranch in Hawaii