Fire Truck Bodies


Welded copolymer construction
Gloss White Finish
Dent Resistant
Corrosion proof
Spring-mounted steel subframe
Will never rust or corrode
More durable than aluminum, lighter than steel
Aluminum roll-up or copolymer swing doors
Available with or without tank
Sweep-out compartments
Limited Lifetime Warranty

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MTECH’s PolyTough™ fire truck bodies are the go-to option for firefighters wanting light weight, durability and strength—all in a corrosion-proof package. Every MTECH truck body is built of gloss-white copolymer polypropylene, a material that is extremely strong, dent-resistant and able to withstand expansive temperature swings.


The single biggest question we hear when talking to potential customers about our copolymer bodies is, “Won’t they melt in a fire?” The answer is simple: only after your tires, lighting and many other parts of the truck have already been liquified. We weld our polypropylene at well over 540 degrees, and our bodies have been put to the test in the harshest environment imaginable: wildland fire fighting.
Not only has MTECH never experienced a single failure on one of its fire truck bodies, but many of the trucks we sell see heavy duty as full-time wildland firefighting rigs. They get backed into stumps, off-roaded through ravines and generally thrashed around in the forest with little regard for the truck’s well-being. Several of them have been on the front line of an advancing wildfire, and we have yet to receive anything but praise from even our most demanding customers.

MTECH’s PolyTough bodies are tough, resilient and will provide years of uninterrupted service. For more information, please contact us today.