Fire Truck Tanks


Corrosion proof
Dent resistant
Light weight
Available in black, white or natural
Will never rust or corrode
Will never crack
Zero failure rate in over 2,000 units sold

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All fire truck tanks are not created equal, especially when you’re talking about welded copolymer. At MTECH, we go to great lengths to ensure that once your tank leaves our facility, it will never experience a failure.

So how do we do this? 


Each PolyTough™ fabricated tank starts as a three-dimensional CAD model, so that the design can be viewed by our customers in a 3D environment. The tank is then cut on a CNC router to within several thousandths of an inch of spec.


As the tank enters the fabrication phase, MTECH’s skilled technicians prep each part for fitment and welding. We use proprietary material prep techniques that ensure that every weld will withstand the years of abuse a fire truck tank endures. Here are some of the features and specifications of an MTECH tank:
  • Use of 3/8-, 1/2- and ¾-inch material, depending on the tank
  • Extrusion welded seams inside and out (as opposed to hand welding inside of tanks per the competition)
  • Thermally bent corners (on select tanks), which eliminates the possibility of leaks
  • NFPA-compliant internal baffling
  • All baffles extrusion welded
  • Rounded over edges and flamed corners for beautiful fit and finish
  • ¾-inch sidewalls on wetside tankers
  • Available in gloss white or black
The first fire truck tank MTECH built was a decade ago, and since then we have never had a warranty claim. Not one. We build your tank knowing that fire service personnel count on their equipment to save lives, and downtime associated with vehicle repairs keep you from that job. When you buy a tank from MTECH, you get the assurance of knowing that it leaves our facility ready to provide flawless service for the lifetime of the vehicle in which it’s installed.